Church of England - Diocese in Europe

The Swiss Archdeaconry Synod - Members and Guests 2020-2023

Ex-Officio Members (voting) 

Archdeacon             The Ven Dr Peter Hooper        (SC) 

Diocesan Synod Reps  

Diana Dell’Acqua (SC)  

Mary Talbot  (SC) (General Synod) 


Licensed Clergy and Elected Members by Chaplaincy (voting) 

Basel, St Nicholas

Chaplain - Revd Caroline Throup

Revd Russell Hilliard

Revd Anne Lowen (SC)

Leonat Luma    

Robin Hall  (General Synod)

Nigel Spencer


Berne, St Ursula's

Revd Helen Marshall  

Hector Davie

Maxine Wildhaber   

Geneva, Holy Trinity    

Revd Canon Dr Daphne Green 

Revd Glen Ruffle

Carol Brown

Pierre Ludovic Claude  

Humberto Henderson

La Côte     

Revd Canon Carolyn Cooke  (Diocesan Synod)  (SC)

Revd Julia Chambeyron

Alice Debell

Nonalee Dong

Lausanne, Christ Church 

Chaplain- vacant

David Elliott

Michael Nelson     

Lugano, St Edward’s    

Chaplain - Revd Paul Hrynczyszyn

Lester Carissimi 

Bonnie Staley

Montreux, St John's      

Revd Canon Paul Ormrod

Seth Barker

Middleton Squier


Jenny Veenendaal    

Vevey, All Saints' with St Peter’s, Château d’Oex 

Chaplain - Revd Mark Fletcher

Claire Daglish

Calen Gayle 

Marjorie Bannister (Château d'Oex)                                       

Zurich, St Andrew's          

Chaplain - Revd Jackie Sellin                                      

Robert Amstutz     Partner sein Rep

Cécile Ineichen     Secretary (SC)

Tim Purdue

Peter Spychal

Clergy with PTO (Permission to Officiate)   (one vote per 10 clergy with PTO)

Revd Canon Alan Amos 

Revd Elizabeth Bussmann                                       

Revd Canon Peter Hawker                                            

Revd David Marshall  

Revd Steffan van Munster                                                

Revd Maree Wilson    

Revd Sarah Böhm-Aebersold   (Old Catholic)

Revd Daniel Konrad   (Old Catholic)            

Revd Lars Simpson    (Old Catholic)

Co-opted members (non-voting) 

Treasurer              Neil Kirby (SC) 


Episcopal Church ECUSA - Geneva, Emmanuel 

Revd Michael Rusk

Richard Cole     

Helen Mbele-Mbong

Old Catholic Church Switzerland

Rt Revd Dr Harald Rein

Revd Sarah Böhm-Aebersold (also has PTO)

Revd Lars Simpson   (also has PTO)


(SC) = Members of Archdeaconry Synod Standing Committee